Make your linux terminal more beautiful

Everyone wants to make him/her self more unique and more beautiful. If you are using linux then you are one of the unique operating system. In linux, most important thing is terminal. Now, this is your first priority that make your linux terminal more beautiful.

Tec-Teach: Make your linux terminal more beautiful
Make your linux terminal more beautiful

In linux there are most of the commands you need to execute in terminal. So I think we need to make more beautiful our linux terminal. 

Don't need to make it more complex.

Making My Terminal More Stylish

Lets make our linux terminal more beautiful. 
  • Open you linux terminal. And type this command. It will take few minutes to download. Actually it depends on you internet connection.

    $ sudo apt-get install cowsay
  • If you are any other directory in linux terminal then you need to move to home directory via linux terminal, so you need to execute this command.

    $ cd ..

    if you know what I meant then you can go easily in the home directory via this command. But this is not the suitable command for going to the home directory. Another one is:

    $ cd ~/{your_username}

    Execute this command without curly bracket
  • Then you need to edit .bashrc file via this command.

    $ leafpad .bashrc


    $ nano .bashrc


    $ vim .bashrc

    You can use any editor for edit this file. As your wish.
    After executing this command you are able to edit his file. Now just go to the end of this file. And write:

    cowsay -f eyes "Tec Teach"

    now save the file.
  • Close the terminal and reopen the terminal again. I think you must see some changes in your terminal. 
That's it. This is very simple to make your linux terminal more beautiful. Now you can do whatever you want. Do google you will get more knowledge about this package.

Having any problem feel free to ask. We will get back to you asap. 


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