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How to cut copy and paste files on Mac

We think Mac & Windows behavior is same but it's not. There are few things that is similar with Windows but not everything. So you can't do cut and paste on Mac as like Windows. Windows is one the most popular operating system in the desktop world. Because Windows takes control 82% of desktop, Mac takes control 13% of computers and rest of the 5% is shared on others operating system. So, now you are thinking that windows are better than Mac. No, don't think like that. Mac  is more smooth & faster than Windows . How to copy and paste on Mac If you want to copy and paste on Mac, then you can do it easily with keyboard shortcut via pressing Command + C . You can also do it via mouse. Select a file or folder or text then take the cursor to the Edit (Which is placed at top left corner) click on it then you will see their cut, copy and paste text. Just click one of them then you will see the action. After select you may also right click on mouse then