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How To speed up your kali linux

You are not only one who's facing with this problem. Sometimes there are too much cache file for this reason your PC getting very slow. Make you linux more faster. By monitoring kali linux you can learn more about it. Is it slow for cache files or is it slow for anther program. We don't know. But most probably the problem is for cache. Speed Up Kali Linux Your linux pc can be slow for the lots of network usage. For monitoring network there are lot's of network monitoring tools. But by default linux tool is very trustful. Because it is by default. There are top ten network monitoring tools for linux in the market. Take a look in Here . By monitoring kali linux with by default kali linux network monitor. In this article you will only get the knowledge about the cache files remove. Check the video carefully so that you won't miss any step. Speed Up Your Linux You can watch this video.... I think you get my point through this video. This is pretty