How to Install Python Redhat 7 / CentOS 7

If you are new to programming then python is the best for learning programming lang. Because this is easy and free to learn. Today's modern technology need this language. 

What can you do through python? 

  • Web Application Development
  • Scientific and Numeric Computing 
  • GUI Programming
  • Software Prototyping
  • etc. 
Search on Google you will get lots more thing about python.

Facilities of Python Learner's

If you really want to learn python then you will get lot of tutorial out there. 
Here is another educational source TechBeamers for python learner's

Now let's learn how to install Python in Redhat 7 & CentOS 7. 

Run those command on your terminal step by step:

#yum -y update
#yum -y install yum-utils

#yum -y groupinstall development 

#yum -y install
#yum -y install python36u
#python3.6 -V 

After installing, you may install python package manager which is called pip. If you are a windows user you can also install pip in windows. If you are using python v2 or later versions then as I know pip is automatically installed in windows.

Install pip in windows is very useful for widows python users.

Learn More About Python

Do you know there are some alternatives to pip such as Conda, Pipenv, Poetry. Those are also package manager as pip. If installing pip in windows is a problem rather you can also install those package manager.

There is another thing which is called python venv. This is an awesome module of python. Python venv create "Virtual Environment" with their site directories.
You may also install Python venv with pip. Through the pip you can easily install it and work with Virtual Environment.

If you don't know how to install yum. Here is the link for you help.


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