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Install Sublime Text in Linux

Hello there, Today I will show you How to install sublime Text in kali linux? its simple. Copy the following commands and paste to terminal: For X64 wget http : // sudo dpkg - i sublime - text_build - 3047_amd64 . deb For X86 wget http : // sudo dpkg - i sublime - text_build - 3047_i386 . deb This is the simple way to install sublime text in linux. You can use this commands only on debian distribution. Distribution If you search on Google you can see there are lots of operating system in linux. But not all are same. There are few types of linux distribution.  I am giving you some top linux distributions name: Ubuntu Fedora Debian Arch Linux openSUSE Checkout those links you will get more knowledge about linux distributions. So you have enough knowledge about the types of linux distributions. If you wanna get more knowledge about